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Romantic Days of Valentine Week

As Valentine’s week about to start, your heart feels with lots of plans to surprise your sweetheart in every way. Only hearing the name of the Valentine week fills your heart with a plethora of dreams and desires. Do you know the importance of each day of this romantic week that gives you a chance to adore your special ones with some extra love, gift, and surprises? Well, in this blog, you will come to know about the significance of celebrating the seven days of Valentine’s week. Let’s have a look on them.

Rose Day

Rose day is the first day of valentine week, which falls on 7th February every year. This day is quite popular among the lovers to serenade their partners with a bunch of beautiful roses. The beautiful red roses are the best selling flowers on this day.

Propose Day

Propose day is the most awaited days among all seven days of valentine week. It is a day that gives everyone a chance to propose their crush to be their valentine for the lifetime. Those who are already in a relationship take a step ahead in life on 8th February every year.

Chocolate Day

Chocolate day is also one of the crucial 7 days of valentine week. Yes, this day is famous for giving chocolates to each other and express love. This day is celebrated on 9th February. So, lovers grab the chance to celebrate some sweet moments with their partners on chocolate day.

Teddy Day

Teddy day is one of the seven days of valentine week to adore your partner by gifting cute teddies. On the 10th of February, couples get a chance to express their never-ending love for each other romantically. Giving teddies is a way to cuddle each other.

Promise Day

Lovers celebrate promise day on 11th February by making promises to their partners. Well, it is a day, which reminds you that how important your relationship is for you. This day makes lovers learn how to make commitments and fulfill them under any circumstance.

Hug Day

The warmest and purest form of showing love is giving a tight hug to your partner. The romantic February days are incomplete without celebrating the Hug day on the 12th of February. A warm hug shows that you are always with your partner and support them in every way.

Kiss Day

Kiss day is the most romantic days of the valentine week. It is celebrated on the 13th of February. On this day, couples embrace each other with kisses. Whether you get involved in doing a passionate lip kiss or a forehead kiss, all types of kisses help you to show your love perfectly.

Valentine’s Day

All romantic days finally lead up to Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February, on which couples show love for each other by giving gifts, having date nights, trying different types of romantic kisses, and many more. This day stirs some more love in a couple’s life.

So, on Valentine week 2020, you must have celebrated valentine’s week passionately and felt the joy of being in a happy and healthy relationship, right? Well, if not, then take the ideas from here and celebrate all the upcoming romantic days of the valentine’s week with all love and passion. Good luck to you!

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