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Valentine's Day Date 2024

Want to know the exact happy valentines day 2024 date? Let us tell you that Valentine's day is always celebrated on 14 Feb each year. 14 Feb 2024 day will be the day of love or we can say that it is a lovers day.  The day on which the occasion falls changes however the date stays as before. 

Love will be speeded all around with the upcoming valentine's day. The day is a special day to communicate your sentiments towards your significant other, sweetheart, spouse, beau, or soul mate. People start celebrating the day before a week ago. Valentine's day always comes before kiss day valentine week.

History of Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day 2024, otherwise called st valentine's day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is a very well-known occasion that celebrates and praises St Valentine and offers thanks and love to darlings.

Truly, Valentine's Day 2024 is said to have begun in Europe and advanced toward North America in the nineteenth century by British pioneers. It began as a Western Christian ritualistic feast day respecting holy people named Valentinus.

The day began as a Christian feast regarding an early holy person in church called Valentinus and throughout the years has slowly changed to turn into a day to praise heartfelt love communicated with the giving of flowers, sweets, and Valentines day gifts.

Valentine's week begins on the 7th of February always and every day of this week is going to share love and friendship. Toward the end of this love week before kiss day and hug day valentine week, Valentine's Day is celebrated.

Love is such an amazing feeling, Nobody can stop true affection. Feb love days are filled with fabulous motions with heaps of feelings that a sweetheart conveys for their beloved.

The most popular valentine day gift ideas are valentine's day flowers,(essentially the rose), chocolates and sweets. Moreover, people likewise paired these with different gifts of adoration to communicate friendship and love. 

Who Was Saint Valentine?

Valentine's Day is named after St. Valentine, who has become known as the patron holy person of beloveds. He was a fairly unique figure about whom little is known.

Holy person Valentine was a priest – either a cleric or a priest – in the Roman Empire who helped persecuted Christians. He was martyred and his body was buried at a Christian burial ground on the Via Flaminia on February 14, which has been seen as the Feast of Saint Valentine.

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