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Various Traditions To Celebrate Christmas Around The World

Christmas is the best time of the year. For a few weeks each year, the world shows a magical light, people look happier, and even winter somehow feels comfortable. Whether you are celebrating a religious holiday, such as Hanukkah or Christmas, or a more secular occasion, all people have their rituals for celebrating Christmas with family and friends.

There are many Christmas traditions in the United States-trimming the Christmas tree, baking Christmas cookies, and opening Christmas gifts, to name a few. But what are the Christmas celebrations in different countries? Although you may find that some Christmas ceremonies remain the same, such as singing Christmas carols, decorating Christmas trees, and sending gifts and gift hampers online to your loved ones, we think the following Christmas traditions around the world may surprise you.

You can read some interesting facts about Christmas from all over the world. Read how people celebrating Christmas around the world.

Christmas Celebration in Japan

In Japan, celebrating Christmas is relatively new. It has not been widely recognized until the last two decades and is usually seen as a time to spread joy and cheer, or even a romantic couples day, rather than a religious holiday. Many people order KFC or book restaurants for Christmas dinner instead of making a big meal.

Christmas Celebration in India

Christmas traditional celebrations in India are also very large. Although not everyone goes to church, they usually exchange gifts and like to dine in restaurants or prepare at home. People also prefer flowers in India for celebrating special occasions.

Christmas Celebration in Germany

Christmas celebrations in Germany began on Christmas Eve on December 24th. The store closes very early on Christmas Eve, so remember to do Christmas shopping before lunchtime. December 26 is also a public holiday in Germany. Many families celebrate this day together, going to church or taking a short trip to nearby parks.

Christmas Celebration in Sweden

In Sweden, Finland, and Norway, Saint Lucia Festival is a special day. Part of Christmas, celebrating a woman who is said to be one of the earliest Christian martyrs. The celebration includes a candlelight parade, where the oldest girl in each family wears a white dress, usually a candlelight crown, dressed as Saint Lucia. The girls will also serve Lucia S-shaped muffins and coffee or mulled wine for the family.

Christmas Celebration in China

In China, Chinese food is still an important part of Christmas. Elegant, cellophane-wrapped apples are a common Christmas gift. The origin of this tradition is that the pronunciation of pingguo for apple in Mandarin is similar to pinganye for Christmas Eve.

Christmas Celebration in Norway

Perhaps one of the most unusual Christmas Eve traditions can be found in Norway, where people hide their broomsticks. This is a tradition that dates back centuries when it was believed that witches and evil spirits would go out looking for broomsticks on Christmas Eve. To this day, many people still hide their broomsticks in the safest place at home to prevent them from being stolen.

These are the Christmas traditions of some countries. You can also search on the internet for how other countries celebrating Christmas.

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