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Teddy Day Date 2024

Teddy bear day 2024 falls on 10th February and the day is Monday. Every year, this day falls on the fourth day of the valentine’s week and celebrated by the couples by exchanging colourful teddies. 10 February teddy day is considered as the day of conveying the feelings of love and romance by offering cute little teddies. Teddy day comes after valentine week happy propose day and chocolate day. After giving roses, confessing love, and offering chocolates, lovers shower their beloved with soft toys just to make their partner realise how they truly care for their emotions.

When is Teddy Day - 2024

When love is in the air, why not the love birds express their feelings for each other in an adorable way? Well, Teddy Day is a precious day of Valentine’s week that makes lovers send cute teddies to their beloved and wish them a happy teddy bear day with warm feelings of love. From traditional to trendy ways, the love birds enjoy celebrating the love occasion like international teddy bear day, valentine’s day, etc. So, this year, let us come to know about when is the happy teddy bear day 2024 and what are its significance.

Why Teddy Day is Celebrated

The valentine week happy teddy day is nothing less than a day to express the true feelings of love and romance. A cute and adorable gift of love can bring a smile to your special one’s face and make them feel special. It is believed that girls love to keep teddies close to them as their best friend. That’s why their boyfriends or husbands go with this idea to show love and care for them. Teddies are the best gift of the happy teddy day for girlfriend, wife, etc.  Apart from this, girls leave their boyfriends or husbands speechless by offering valentines day teddy bear in their hands as their memory.

Do you know that giving or receiving different colours of teddy bears signifies different meanings? Well, it is said that the colour of the cute teddy bears for valentines day lets you guess what will happen to you in the upcoming days of valentine’s week. Suppose you receive a red-coloured teddy from your special one. It means both of you have a strong emotional connection, whereas pink teddies let you know that your lover has accepted your proposal and wants to be with you for a lifetime.

Orange-coloured teddies symbolise happiness, joy, and energy. Blue teddy ensures you that your partner is madly in love with you. So, it’s important to pick the right gift for the teddy day for boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. so that you can make them feel your love.

Love birds also love to couple the cute teddies with valentines day chocolates, flowers, greeting cards, cushions, etc. to make it extra memorable and heartwarming.

One more history of teddy day celebration is related to the US president. It is said that the teddy day is declared in the name of the US president Teddy Roosevelt. As he had ordered to design a teddy to honour his decision of not killing the animals.

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