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5 Patriotic Ways to Celebrate Independence Day

Summer and Independence Day is just around the corner, which implies you need to prepare for your Independence Day festivities. Nonetheless, this year with the COVID-19 pandemic raging outside and the social distancing conventions set up, you can not celebrate as before.

Despite COVID-19 lockdown, here are 5 unique and patriotic ways to celebrate independence day this year and make you feel devoted.

Celebrate Virtually

A large number of us would presumably be watching the festivity of Independence Day at the Red Fort anyway, so why not watch it along with your people? In a circumstance where everybody is locked inside and is working distantly, it can feel isolated. On this day, ensure you watch it with somebody so you enjoy it without limit.

Offering Your Wishes with Sweets And Flowers

Desserts and flowers are ideal methods for celebrating and sharing joy. This independence day tunes your enthusiasm well with sweet luxuries of happiness. Sharing some wonderful desserts and delivering flowers in India has consistently been connected to celebrations in India. Celebrate this Independence Day with excellent food plans that you make at home. You can also invite your companions and family members to a very Happy Independence day.

Host An Energetic Party at Home

Tell your family members to bring food that is red, white, and blue. That could be pretty much as simple as a banner framed from strawberries, blueberries, marshmallows, and whipped cream. Make extraordinary luxuries considering the theme of Independence Day. Tell your children about Independence day history and sacrifices made by freedom fighters and their excursion and endeavors to make India a free country while enjoying meals.

Theme Party Via Social Media

If there would be one thing that the COVID-19 lockdown has shown us, it is how good the recent millennials are with stylish online media challenges so for what reason should Independence Day be any different? Choose a theme, dress up in your best clothes and paint social media tricolor with your selfies or family groupies.

Offer a List of Songs

Offer a list of devoted melodies like 'Maa Tujhe Salaam', 'Ae Mere Watan Ke Logo', and more with your friends to bring out a feeling of pride and remind your loved ones to celebrate the Indian fighters with these energetic tunes.

Independence Day is a time of harmony when the nation joins to celebrate the day with euphoria and joy. Doesn't make any difference how you celebrate Independence Day, stay home and stay safe.

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